This is a safe place to share your #MeToo story and an online tool to help get rid of feelings of shame and guilt that were never ours to carry in the first place.
The steps below are based on psychologists & therapists recommendations on how to deal with feelings of shame. Before we get started we just want to let you know that whatever you share here can either be completely anonymous or you can choose to share your #MeToo story with our community, totally up to you!
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It doesn’t matter if it was unacceptable sexual behavior or a crime you were victim of, if you still remember it, it mattered to you…
Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend

If what happened to you had happened to your best friend or someone else that you love, how would you talk to that person about what happened? You’re probably being much harder on yourself than you would ever be on anyone else.

Write down what you would have needed to hear at the time it happened. Whether you’re going back talking to your much younger self or you’re dealing with something that happened last week; talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend that you’re comforting.
Reality check your shame

You are NEVER responsible for the behavior and actions of someone else. Whatever happened to you was NOT YOUR FAULT and NOT caused by anything you did, said or wore.

If you still feel shame about what happened, ask yourself the following questions and answer in box below if you need it.

Is this thought helping me or hurting me?
Is this thought really true?
How do I know it's true?
What is the evidence for this thought?
What is the evidence against this thought?
Is this thought serving me?
What could I do if I let go of this thought?
Am I willing to release this thought?
Taking back the narrative

This step is a visualization and writing empowerment exercise to take back your story. We can’t change what happened but we can change the way we think about it and by doing so we’re getting rid of the feeling of powerlessness.

Rewrite how you would have changed the situation if anything was possible, what’s realistic doesn’t matter. If taking back the narrative for you involves you coming back for a violent revenge, by all means, go for it!

It’s all about making yourself feel better.
We hope you’ve now come to realise that it’s not your shame to carry anymore. It’s time to get rid of it for good.“

Take a minute and close your eyes and start visualizing the shame you’ve been wearing as a wet coat that you’re now taking off and throwing away forever. It’s not yours anymore.
Reach out and share your story with someone you trust

Writing down your story even if it’s just for yourself is healing but sharing it with someone you trust, who can hold space for you, will make you feel even better!

Whether it’s something that happened 10 years ago or yesterday it’s often a big relief to share your story/stories and put words to thoughts and feelings.
That’s it, thank yourself for doing this! You’re all kinds of awesome!

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